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History of the Towlift Experience

Towlift has grown into one of the largest material handling dealerships in the country. Our experience enables us to provide customers with a full range of material handling solutions today.

Our Founder

It all started in 1965, when Gerald N. Cannon founded Towlift, Inc. as a Towmotor dealership in Cleveland, Ohio.

His goal? To build up a forklift dealership that makes a big difference in the customer's experience.

Gerald led Towlift to regional growth by staying focused on that goal for many years.

Following Caterpillar's purchase of Towmotor, Gerald moved the operation to a full-service facility, steadily growing it into one of the largest material handling dealerships in the eastern half of the United States.

The success of Gerald's business won many awards, such as Caterpillar Lift Truck Dealer of the Year and Inside Business Magazine's list of the top 90 companies in the Cleveland area.

Gerald was known for his charm, brilliant business sense, and inquisitiveness. He coined the phrase, "It's the dealer that makes the difference," Towlift's company slogan, which will live on in his memory.

Towlift Founder Gerald Cannon

Decades of Growth

Towlift History Charity Railroad
Forklift Donation: Cuyahoga Scenic Valley Railroad
Towlift History Charity Rock Hall

Towlift Charitable Contribution: GuitarMania

Towlift History Charity Foodbank

Equipment Donation: Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Towlift Today

Towlift's Team is Dedicated to the Customer's Experience

The Towlift Team stands behind Gerald Cannon's original goal to this day. We are the dealer that makes the difference...for you.