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Jungheinrich 2 Shifts on 1 Charge Guarantee


Jungheinrich's advanced AC technology allow select trucks in most applications to run up to 16 hours on a single battery charge.

See the potential savings when you no longer need a 2nd battery.

1) Calculate your annual labor savings:

  • Average time to change a battery: 20 minutes
  • Working days/year, 5-days/week: 254
  • Time per year changing batteries: (20 x 254) = 5,808 minutes = 85 hours
  • Multiply time by your average operator pay rate including cost of benefits: Example: $20/hour

Annual savings per operator: 85 hours x $20 = $1,700
Annual savings with ten operators = $17,000

2) Calculate your battery savings:

  • Battery cost varies by type. Example shows $7,000 as an average price for an industrial battery.
  • Multiply battery price by the number of trucks operating 2 shifts.

One-time savings on 1 truck: $7,000
One-time savings on 10 trucks: $70,000

3) Add results of step one and two together.

Total First Year Savings Example:

1 truck, 1 operator: $8,700
10 trucks, 10 operators: $87,000

More Savings:

  • Reduced battery changing equipment
  • Cost/sq foot of floor space saved by not storing extra batteries
  • Improved safety from not changing batteries.

Eligible Models:

The following models are eligible for the 2-shift on 1-charge guarantee.

  • 3-wheel sit-down electric forklifts: EFG 216, 218, 220
  • 4-wheel sit-down electric forklifts: EFG 425, 430, S30
  • Reach trucks: ETR 230, 235, 340, 345, 335d
  • Stock pickers: EKS 208, 308, 314
  • Turret trucks: EKX 514, 516k, 516

Battery types and other conditions apply. Ask a Towlift sales representative for complete details.

Lower your cost and improve productivity!

How many more pallets you could you move if you didn't have to stop to charge? Find out by taking a FREE 7-day demo challenge! Contact a Towlift Sales Representative for complete guarantee details and to schedule a free demo at your business.