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National Forklift Safety Day - 2023


National Forklift Safety Day 2023

Put Forklift Safety At The Top Of Your List

Towlift is committed to promoting workplace and forklift safety. Join us in celebrating National Forklift Safety Day, a day dedicated to promoting the importance of forklift safety in the workplace. It's an opportunity for us to come together and raise awareness about the crucial measures that ensure the well-being of operators, employees, and the overall productivity of our operations.

It Starts With You. Stay Safe.

To help you stay safe, we’ve compiled a poster series of important forklift safety tips and reminders. Take a look, recharge your knowledge, and commit to putting safety first in all your forklift operations. Download the Forklift Safety Poster Series today.

Forklift Inspection Checklist

To help contribute to a safer working environment and prevent lift truck repairs, it is important to inspect your forklifts regularly as part of your daily or pre-shift inspection. Take a moment to refresh your safety knowledge and commit to putting forklift safety at the top of your list. Always refer to the forklift operator’s and maintenance manual for a detailed daily inspection list. Get started by downloading the Forklift Inspection Checklist today.


Forklift Operator Training: For our complete training schedule, go to

Forklift Safety Accessories: There are new innovative safety lights and alarms that make others aware of forklifts to keep them at a safe distance. Contact our Parts Department for these items.

PM Inspection Service: Our Planned Maintenance service includes important safety checks. Contact a Towlift Sales Rep for pricing.

Warehouse Safety Products: We sell barrier products such as guardrails, rack protectors, and dock accessories to make your forklift areas safer. Talk to a Towlift Sales Representative.

Every day needs to be forklift safety day. Call us regarding any forklift safety questions. We’re here to help.