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Towlift News

National Forklift Safety Day - June 8, 2021


June 8th is National Forklift Safety Day. This annual event was established to raise awareness of forklift safety.

The National Safety Council reports that in 2019 there were 8,140 forklift related injuries and 79 fatalities in the United States. This grim report underscores the importance of forklift safety. Sadly, the fatalities are often from operator misuse and could have been prevented. The best way to prevent forklift accidents from occurring is through education, training, and improved safety awareness. We take forklift safety seriously at Towlift. Below are some safety products and services we offer.

Forklift Operator Training: For our complete training schedule, go to

Forklift Safety Accessories: There are new innovative safety lights and alarms that make others aware of forklifts to keep them at a safe distance. Contact our Parts Department for these items.

PM Inspection Service: Our TRIM PM service includes important safety checks. Contact a Towlift Sales Rep for pricing.

Warehouse Safety Products: We sell barrier products such as guardrails, rack protectors, and dock accessories to make your forklift areas safer. Talk to a Towlift Sales Representative.

See our Safety page for additional information and 10 Forklift Safety Tips.

Every day needs to be forklift safety day. Call us regarding any forklift safety questions. We’re here to help.