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CAT Lift Trucks

Hydrostatic 3,000 – 7000 lb. Capacity Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Lift Trucks

Model: GPH16N–GPH35N / DPH16N–DPH35N

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The GPH16N-GPH35N / DPH16N – DPH35N series of hydrostatic forklifts provide enhanced productivity, intuitive control and a core focus on operator comfort in a wide variety of applications.


Hydrostatic Drive System - Provides a continuous and consistent power curve, eliminating peaks and valleys of output levels and allowing for increase in torque without shifting gears. This all leads to higher performance and smoother operation

Superior Control – The hydrostat transmission allows for fluid and infinitely controllable speed and directional changes along with a high pivot steer axle that reduces oscillation during travel

Fuel Efficiency - All of the performance benefits come in addition to an increase in fuel efficiency as compared to standard torque converter drive systems



Proven Engines – Available for both LPG and Diesel configurations, these fully tier-4 final emissions compliant engines deliver high optimal performance without sacrificing efficiency

High-Performance Cooling System - The Combi-cooler technology combines the cooling elements of the engine coolant and oil in a single aluminum assembly to avoid loss of cooling efficiency and reduce potential damage caused by overheating

Easily Accessible Major Componentry
– Service access to most major components is achieved conveniently with the simple removal of chassis side panels

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Load Sensing Hydraulic System – Optimizes oil pressure based on the load on the forks in order to reduce fuel consumption and extend oil life, reducing maintenance costs and maintaining uptime

Standard Multi-Disc Wet Brakes - Completely enclosed brake system is completely maintenance free

Low Fuel Consumption – From the hydrostatic system to the proven IC engines to the efficient hydraulic system, the truck is designed from the ground up for efficiency



Great Visibility – Visibility is extended in all directions with the scratch-proof panorama roof for clear sight to a raised load and the compact mast design with optimized hose and chain guidance

Reduced Vibrations – In addition to the existing vibration benefits of the hydrostatic drive system, the floating cab is mounted on rubber points to absorb shock from the floor while the decoupled drivetrain and engine-mount damping reduces vibration transmitted from the engine to the chassis

Spacious Operator Compartment
– Equipped with an adjustable armrest and numerous intuitive control options, the operator can confidently operate the travel and hydraulic controls with ease. Additionally, the 4-inch high definition, full color display provides the ability to pre-set performance modes for operators of various levels of experience

Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbs)
GPH16N 3,000 0 92.5 44.5 86 6,332
DPH16N 3,000 0 93 44.5 86 6,332
GPH18N 3,500 0 92.8 44.5 86 6,779
DPH18N 3,500 0 93 44.5 86 6,779
GPH20N 4,000 0 94.4 44.5 86 7,077
DPH20N 4,000 0 94 44.5 86 7,077
GPH25N 5,000 0 102.5 46.5 87.2 8,741
DPH25N 5,000 0 103 46.5 87.2 8,741
GPH30N 6,000 0 106.4 52 88 10,097
DPH30N 6,000 0 106 52 88 10,097
GPH30LN 6,500 0 160.4 52 88 10,538
DPH30LN 6,500 0 106 52 88 10,538
GPH35N 7,000 0 109.6 52 88 11,012
DPH35N 7,000 0 109.6 52 88 11,012