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CAT Lift Trucks

2,200 lb. Capacity Medium-Level Order Picker

Model: EKS 210

Eks 210 web tooltip20950x600 Eks 210 web20780x353
The efficient EKS 210 medium-level order picker is optimized for use in your warehouse thanks to its outstanding travel and lift performance. The energy-saving and freely movable 24-volt model excels in narrow aisle and wide aisle warehouses with excellent ergonomics and picking performance.


  • Excellent picking performance from the first racking level up to 250 inches – for longer and more efficient working.
  • drivePLUS Performance (optional) - Increased travel speed up to 6.2 mph in drive direction.
  • With lithium-ion technology (optional) - High availability thanks to extremely short charging times.


  • Optimized operating concept: all information at a glance.
  • Optimized all-round visibility for keeping an eye on every situation.
  • Easy entry due to low entry height and smooth-running yet robust side barriers.
  • Spacious cab with numerous storage options.

Energy Efficiency

  • Active energy and battery management.
  • Regenerative lowering and braking.
  • Seamless operation of masts to avoid energy-intensive acceleration and deceleration phases.
Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbs)
EKS 210 2,200 110 70.3 47.2 91.5 3,858