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CAT Lift Trucks

6,000 & 8,000 lb. Capacity Electric Center Control Rider Pallet Trucks

Model: ECE 227(HP)XL-ECE 236(HPXL) Center Control Rider

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With its high drive performance and ergonomically optimized operator workplace, the ECE 227(HP)XL-ECE 236(HPXL) center control riders stand at the forefront of maximum output in the most demanding applications.

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The Jungheinrich® 3-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller deliver powerful torque and quick acceleration.

Maximum picking performance can be achieved with the lowest amount of energy consumption.

The central control rider has one of the most powerful motors for highest throughput efficiency.

Optional forward and reverse touch control buttons allow the operator to advance the truck while enhancing order picking efficiency.

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Jungheinrich Curve Control automatically reduces speed while turning corners, helping to ensure control over loads.

The electronic parking brake automatically engages on ramps and inclines, reducing the chance for rollback.

An operator presence switch is integrated into the platform, so the truck will not move without the operator aboard.

easyPILOT Follow Feature

Get significantly more picks per hour with the Jungheinrich center rider pallet jack that follows its operator at every turn. Learn how to operate the Jungheinrich ECE 227 hands-free with the easyPILOT Follow feature.
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Energy Efficiency

The high-energy efficiency of this tow tractor is due to the AC drive motor.

The Jungheinrich AC drive motor and AC controller are specifically tuned in-house to maximize performance and energy efficiency for greater uptime.

The regenerative braking feature recovers potentially lost energy, feeding it back to the battery for greater efficiency.

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Total Cost Of Ownership

The center control rider's thick, steel chassis provides superior protection from possible impact damage.

An effective design between the drive motor, electric controller and regenerative braking function decreases maintenance needs.

Jungheinrich ece227 236 ergonomia


The unique Jet Pilot steering wheel provides effortless, intuitive steering for maximum control.

A cushioned floor pad, along with a padded backrest and knee pad, keep the operator comfortable throughout their shift.

The industry's lowest step height, 4.9 inches, means the operator will not be fatigued getting on and off frequently while order picking.

Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbs)
ECE 227(HP)X 6,000 8 54.7 32.7 Consult Factory
ECE 236(HPXL) 8,000 8 54.7 32.7 Consult Factory