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CAT Lift Trucks

Manual Pallet Jacks Up To 5,500 lb. Capacity

Model: 3,300-5,500 lb.

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The Jungheinrich® hand pallet truck has been engineered to provide long-lasting strength and versatility. With durable construction and high-quality hardened steel, it is the ideal "warehouse assistant" for all manual transporting over short distances.

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Hand pallet trucks direct from the brand you know and trust.

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Easy-to-Operate Controls – Ergonomic handle is equally comfortable for left and right-handed operators. Maneuvering with one hand on the handle is both comfortable and safe.

Special Lowering Valve – Enables loads to be lowered precisely or in small increments.

Fork Tip Entry Wheels – Allows for easy insertion of the pallet jack into pallet fork pockets for improved maneuvering and increased productivity.

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Short Chassis Length – Offers maximum maneuverability in very confined spaces.

Chromed Wheel & Joint Bushings – Quiet and robust for easy pulling or pushing.

Low Lowered Fork Height – The lowered fork height of 2.9 inches allows for easy pallet entry and exit.

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Handle Spring – Returns to upright position when released for improved security.

Hydraulic Pump – Features controlled lowering rate valve to reduce risk of product damage during operation.

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Total Cost Of Ownership

Durable Construction – More stable forks. Rounded forms. Welded handle mounting. Protected entry rollers. High-quality, hardened steel. The Jungheinrich hand pallet truck offers the best guarantee for maximum stability and durability.

Chromed Wheel and Joint Bushings – Ensure quiet running and an exceptional long service life. It’s no longer necessary to lubricate connections; the Jungheinrich hand pallet truck continually runs smooth.

One-Piece Cast Iron Pump – With a chrome-plated piston rod, it ensures long pump seal life, requiring less maintenance over the long run.

Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbs)
AM10001931 4,400 7.67
AM22002748 4,850 7.67
AJ00002036 5,500 7.67
AJ00002043 5,500 7.67
AJ00002048 5,500 7.67
AJ00002050 3,300 7.67
AJ00002049 5,500 7.67
AJ00002736 5,500 7.67
AJ00002748 5,500 7.67
AJB0002748 5,500 7.67
AJG0002748 5,500 7.67
AJG0002749 5,500 7.67
AJ00002750 3,300 7.67
AJQ0002748 5,500 7.67
AJ00002749 5,500 7.67
AJ00003348 3,300 7.67