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CAT Lift Trucks

22,000 - 40,000 lb. Capacity Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklifts

Model: FD100L6P-FD180L6P

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This lineup of heavy-duty, diesel pneumatic forklifts provide versatile and reliable solutions for the biggest, toughest applications.

Fd100l6p reliability

Reliability and Durability

Heavy duty, thicker chassis componentry for greater strength and reliability include front end components like the 6 x 6 standard mast chain, thick plate steel in chassis construction and the largest mast rollers in the industry that come standard across the entire lineup.

The field-proven Kessler D61/D81 drive axles come with over 60+ years of reliable industrial axle design experience. Easy to maintain and service, the axle also boasts cross-flanges that provide rigid, strong and reliable fitting between the drive shaft and the drive axle.

Standard wet-disc brakes are a fully-enclosed design for protection against water, dirt and other contaminants in the toughest applications.

Redundant CAN-bus communication can increase uptime by monitoring over 500 measuring points to keep track of the real-time status of the truck’s systems, ensuring operators and technicians have better visibility into the truck’s health and to quickly, accurately and efficiently diagnose any issues.

Fd100l6p performance


Because of the design of the chassis and counterweight, these trucks boast extremely impressive capacity retention. All models are able to reach full lifting capacity up to 197 in. without derate with simplex, duplex or triplex masts, and an integrated sideshifting, fork-positioning carriage.

Powered by the Cummins B4.5 Tier 4 Final diesel engine teamed with the ZF 3WG161 3-speed powershift transmission, these trucks have the power to lift your operation to the next level.

This truck meets all EPA tier 4 final and European Stage V emissions requirements by way of its Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). Capable of passive or active regeneration depending on the nature of the application, there is no sacrifice in performance while reducing the carbon footprint

Every truck is equipped with Automatic Engine Stop which can help save fuel, reduce engine hours, and reduce emissions from the truck. The system monitors several conditions and will automatically stop the engine if certain requirements are met. The delay time is adjustable to meet your specific needs.

Fd100l6p comfort

Comfort and Awareness

The ergonomic operator compartment of the truck has centrally located controls, easily accessible operating levers and space for operators of all sizes.

A sealed engine bulkhead is strategically positioned between the engine compartment and operator cabin to reduce potential exposure to heat, noise and odor, which can create unfavorable operating conditions during short and long shifts or operation of the truck.

The mast construction is designed for excellent visibility. Cylinder placement, hose routing, chain mounting and crossbar locations provide high levels of visibility to the load through the largest mast window in the industry. Additionally, the counterweight and engine cover are sloped and contoured to provide the operator extreme confidence when looking backwards from the normal operating position, which is crucial for trucks of this size.

The easy-to-read 4.3 in. full color display provides at-a-glance status of the operating condition of the truck. This communication can provide current fuel economy, onboard diagnostics, fluid levels and categorical status updates to not only let the operator know if there is information they need, but also the severity of the update and action needed to be taken.

Fd100l6p serviceability


Accessibility to major componentry is at a premium here. The one-piece engine hood is equipped with support struts, allowing for easier access for daily inspection. Additionally, the fully side-tilting cab provides spacious access to the engine, transmission, pumps and valves.

The electrical system control panel is easily accessible from ground level on the left side of the chassis. This cabinet holds control units, fuses and diagnostics connectors while the smart electrical system boasts simplified and clean wiring design for efficiency. Additionally, there is an emergency electrical cutoff that is easily accessible without having to open the panel.

Onboard diagnostics provide the error code, component number, type of error and error code level so that the time taken to address an issue is minimized and your truck can keep doing its job with less downtime and thus less cost.

Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbs)
FD100L6P 22,000 0 187 in 100 117.5 39,022
FD120L6P 26,000 0 187 in 100 117.5 39,904
FD127L6P 28,000 0 187 in 100 117.5 41,227
FD140L6P 31,000 0 199.8 in 100 117.5 42,109
FD150L6P 33,000 0 199.8 in 100 117.5 42,109
FD100L12P 22,000 0 199.8 in 100 117.5 42,109
FD120L12P 26,000 0 209.6 in 100 117.5 44,754
FD150L12P 33,000 0 219.5 in 100 117.5 48,722
FD160L6P 36,000 0 209.6 in 100 117.5 43,211
FD160L9P 36,000 0 209.6 in 100 117.5 47,620
FD160L12P 36,000 0 219.5 in 100 117.5 50,927
FD180L6P 40,000 0 209.6 in 100 117.5 45,857