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CAT Lift Trucks

3,500-4,500 lbs. Electric Wide Chassis Sit/Stand Pantograph Reach Trucks

Model: ESR23LN-EDR18LN

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The ESR23LN-EDR18LN 36V series of reach trucks deliver superior performance – at an exceptional value. With advanced AC technology, this series is designed to reach new heights quickly and efficiently for greater productivity and exceptional comfort, shift after shift.


• Reaches lifting speeds of up to 165 feet per minute – one of the fastest in the industry – helping your operators move more product in less amount of time.

• Advanced 3-phase AC technology provides excellent overall performance while utilizing less energy, with fewer moving components, resulting in less wear.

• Sturdy mast helps to minimize sway and improve operator confidence at taller lift heights which leads to time efficiencies and increased productivity.

• Optional ECHO Control Handle provides operational and maneuverability familiarity for operators who may be used to competitor-style control handles.


Energy Efficiency

• Longer run times are possible with the combination of advanced AC motor technology and optimized software, thus increasing performance while minimizing energy consumption.

• With advanced regenerative braking, energy is put back into the battery whenever the truck travels in reverse direction or when the control handle is returned to the neutral position.

• Ability to run up to two shifts on one battery charge, leading to significant operational profitability.



• Curve Control sensors monitor the drive tire steer angle and automatically reduce travel speed when cornering to help keep the truck and load stable and secure.

• Through one easy-to-read screen, operators are kept informed of all vital truck conditions at all times.

• Excellent visibility through the mast, through the overhead guard and to the load helps the operator to effectively navigate through their surroundings.

• Emergency power-disconnect helps to increase operator protection.

• Various premium assistance systems help to make the operator more efficient and more aware, facilitating their tasks.


Total Cost Of Ownership

• Controllers and connectors are sealed to help protect against dust particles and moisture

• Customers have peace of mind knowing our components are proven and reliable

• All components operate in sync to provide optimized results



• Standard fold-down seat allows for operational flexibility and sustained operator comfort.

• Adjustable steering, armrest and seat work together to provide additional comfort to virtually any operator.

• Flexible side-stance allows for ideal body positions whether standing up or sitting down, with generous body and arm padding, and a cushioned floor mat for excellent comfort.

• During standing operations, operators may utilize the lower presence pedal with the upper traction pedal, or vice versa, for dynamic comfort.


Lithium-Ion Battery Solutions

• Lithium-ion batteries feature a lower cost of ownership than lead-acid batteries by eliminating excessive maintenance costs

• Lithium-ion batteries can be charged to full capacity in a fraction of the time it takes to charge a lead-acid battery. Opportunity charging that can be interrupted at any time, prevents downtimes and ensures 24/7 truck usage.

• The battery, vehicle and charger are all synchronized which allows for fast and efficient energy usage and charging capability.

Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbs)
ESR23LN 4,500 0 56 48 92.5 9,150
EDR18LN 3,500 0 63.3 48 92.5 9,350