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CAT Lift Trucks

8,000 lb. Capacity Electric Cushion Tire Forklifts

Model: FBC40N

Mft classi fbc40n 950x600 Mft fbc40n 780x353

The 8,000 lb. capacity electric cushion tire forklift truck features an advanced 100% AC motor and hydraulic system to balance performance with efficiency. AC drive technology combined with the operator’s ability to choose from four different preset performance modes allow for high levels of productivity.

Mft classi fbc40n productivity 550x400


Exceptional Run Times – Work longer with up to two shifts on one battery charge without sacrificing performance.
  • Advanced drive system – no brushes or commutator
  • All AC hydraulic system
  • Enhanced electric power steering
Adaptable Performance Modes – Optimize your performance and efficiency by simply selecting one of the pre-set operating modes. Profits are maximized by achieving the right balance between output and economy.
Mft classi fbc40n awareness 550x400


Integrated Presence System (IPS) – This integrated, computer-based feedback system uses both audible and visual indicators to alert the operator to potentially hazardous situations, while increasing operator awareness.

Flexibly Awareness Options
  • Foot directional control, for hands-free forward and reverse travel control. Ideal for rapid shuttle applications.
  • Rear grab handle with horn button, offers operators additional comfort while travelling long distances in reverse or in applications with pedestrians or high traffic.
  • Sideshifter for more precise load handling.
  • Higher or lower height overhead guard options are available to accommodate taller operators, low clearances or special storage racking configurations.
Orange Anti-Cinch Seat Belt – The bright orange color can be easily seen from a distance, making it easier to clearly see when operators are properly wearing their seat belt. When the operator is in the normal operating position, but the seat belt is not buckled, an audible warning will sound and a visible indicator will appear, alerting the operator.
Mft classi fbc40n efficiency 550x400

Energy Efficiency

Run Longer: On One Battery Charge.
Thanks to the design of the FBC40N, your operators can deliver the productivity you need to get the job done.

Key Features:
  • Advanced AC motors
  • Optimized regenerative braking system
Two-Stage Hydraulic System – The two-stage hydraulic system determines the optimum motor speed, resulting in reduced energy consumption and longer run times.
Mft classi fbc40n ergonomics 550x400


Spacious Operator Compartment – From the beginning of the shift to the end, this forklift was designed for optimal comfort. Operators can easily adjust the seat to their preferences – from forward and backward adjustments, to added lumbar support and suspension. The low-profile steering wheel also provides extra space and comfort.

Ergonomic Hydraulic Levers – Located next to the seat, the hydraulic levers allow the operator’s arm to rest in a natural, relaxed position while working.

Optional Full-Suspension Vinyl Seat – This seat helps reduce shock and vibration while optimizing comfort and productivity via 4-way adjustments, including lumbar support, weight suspension and forward/backward adjustments.
Model Basic Capacity (lbs) Maximum Fork Height Length To Fork Face Chassis Width (in) Chassis Height (in) Gross Weight (lbs)
FBC40N 8,000 138 100.2 43.3 87.4 12,380