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Zephir Railcar Movers

Electric railcar movers for indoor and outdoor product hauling.

Zephirs are battery-powered electric road/rail movers. No fuel cost, no emissions, 100% environmentally-friendly transport.

Where a Zephir Railcar Mover Makes a Difference

Versatile Mid-Range Rail Transport. Haul rail cars, metro trains, storage bins, industrial equipment, and more with a single Zephir.

Operate on Rail or Road. Zephir movers can haul along rail lines or on standard roads. Select models will switch between both in a snap, reducing the number of units needed.

Zephirs are ideal for transportation facilities, logistics, in-plant rail, and industrial product movement. Try one out at your local Towlift!

Zephir Railcar Mover Models

Zephir crab


Impressive hauling power in a compact size! The Crab works well in factories and warehouses, with a pull range from 5,850 to 11,690 lbf.

Zephir lok e


Twin electric motors make the LOK E the most efficient Zephir. They can enter and exit tracks easily, as well as pull from 15,750 to 35,970 lbf.

Zephir lok mpv e


Like the LOK, the MPV is a road-to-rail electric mover with a longer bed and cab. Drawbar pulls range from 5,850 to 8,100 lbf.

Service for Zephir Movers

Sales, Service, and Support that Makes a Difference for Trackmobile Movers

Zephir card1

When diesel engines aren't an option, Zephir offers the most versatile line of electric railcar movers for indoor and outdoor operations.

Zephir card2

With the Towlift team behind your Zephir, you'll have reliable hauling for many years.

Zephir card3

For Zephir Sales, call us at (419) 343-7039. For all other inquiries, please use our Contact form to reach out. Use the "Railcar Movers" Department option!